Design & Documentation

Concept Stage

  • Technical, Strategic and Commercial Direction.
  • Infrastructure Planning and design.
  • Electricity and Communications Authority negotiations.
  • Feasibility studies.

Project Design Stage

  • Substation establishment.
  • Power Quality and Surge Protection Systems.
  • Power Factor Correction Equipment.
  • Stand alone and Grid integrated Generation systems.
  • Co-generation and Tri-generation systems.
  • UPS and standby power systems.
  • Power distribution and reticulation systems.
  • Specialist Lighting and lighting control systems.
  • Emergency lighting and exit signage.
  • Communication and Data systems.
  • Vehicular and pedestrian access control systems.
  • Intruder detection and alarm systems.
  • Closed Circuit TV systems.
  • Smoke detection and alarm systems.
  • Occupant Warning and Emergency Intercom Systems.
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems.
  • Public Address, Sound & Video systems.
  • Health Care systems (Nurse Call, Patient Monitoring, etc).
  • Hearing Augmentation Systems.
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD).

Construction and Post Construction Stage

  • Defects and Compliance Inspections.
  • Post Construction Defects Inspections.
  • Verification and test witnessing.
  • Review of Contractor Documentation.
  • Review of Workshop Drawings.
  • Review of Operational & Maintenance Manuals.
  • Review of As Constructed Drawings.

Our clients include:

  • Government institutions,
  • the Education sector,
  • Health & aged care,
  • Commercial, retail & hospitality,
  • Infrastructure facilities sector.
  • Not-for Profit sector.